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 Memory bar connector
 RJ48 RJ50 10P10C
     10P10C adapter
 Waterproof connector
     Data Cable
     Power cord
 General socket series
     52M Welding line type
     59 RJ11/RJ45 JACK Series
     57 RJ11 OR RJ45 JACK Series
     56 RJ11 OR RJ45 JACK Series
     55 RJ11 OR RJ45 JACK Series
     53 RJ11 OR RJ45 JACK Series
     52 RJ11 OR RJ45 JACK Series
     5J RJ11/RJ45 JACK Series
     RJ45 DIP 180° 10/100/1000BASE
     TAB-UP stand-up 10/100/1000BASE RJ45 TRANSFORMER
     33.2 mm 10/100/1000BASE RJ45 TRANSFORMER
     Double-deck 10/100/1000 BASE RJ45 Filter TRANSFORMER
 SMT network outlet
 RJ45 + USB filter network outlet
     RJ45+single USB Transformer JACK
     RJ45+double USB

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Add:4th Floor, Building B, Huayue Science and Technology Park, 37 Shangnan Road, Chang’an Town, Dongguan, China
About Tian Mu(Yong Lian)
   Dong guan TianMu electronic  Co., LTD. Is a set of product development design, mould development, production, sales and service for an integrated enterprise. Professional production RJ45 filter, module transformer, 5 kinds of/six types of network connectors (RJ45 / RJ11 plug, RJ45 / RJ11 socket), communication/communication connectors, computer peripheral connectors and other products. Founded in March 2003, is located in changan town, dongguan, guangdong sand zone. In May 2011, we successfully in Hong Kong registered ussl electronic (Hong Kong) Co., LTD. After eight years of unremitting efforts the company has developed into the most powerful domestic network/communications one of connector manufacturer. At the same time and multinational enterprises such as more than a samsung, hua qi, Canon, sets up to such as the establishment of the faithful cooperative relationship. And with many of China's best China counterparts, merging enterprise established the ...
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